Vincent Sheheen legislative track record Unparalleled Success PDF Print E-mail

By Cindi Ross Scoppe

If you think that Nikki Haley has done a great job as governor, you should vote for her next month. What you shouldn’t do is vote for her because you think Vincent Sheheen isn’t up to the job, or wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything with a Republican Legislature or, conversely, that what he would accomplish would be to raise your taxes and grow our government.

Sen. Sheheen’s 14 year track record demonstrates just the opposite. This is not someone who has tried to raise our taxes. The big tax-overhaul legislation that he proposed in several iterations and always with at least one conservative Republican as a co-sponsor was always revenue-neutral. That is, its purpose wasn’t to raise taxes, or to lower them, but to reform them, to turn our tax system into one that isn’t full of crazy loopholes that are bigger than the whole and that promotes our shared goals, rather than undermining them.

This is not someone who has proposed burdensome regulations. In fact, proposing regulations of any sort has not been a Sheheen priority. His priority has been on making the mechanisms of government work better, so that whatever the Legislature agrees the government should do, it does well, and it does efficiently, and it does in an accountable way.

As for his ability to work with the Republican Legislature, simply consider the 2014 legislative session. This was a year when the governor’s race was in full swing, when you would expect the Republican troops who dominate the General Assembly to rally around their governor and fight off anything that Mr. Sheheen might be able to use in his campaign to unseat her.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition Expose Lack of Diversity PDF Print E-mail

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition survey shows that there are just 3 Blacks and 1 Hispanic among the 189 total board members of the 20 technology companies surveyed. Eleven of the companies have no people of color on their boards, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, Google among others.

Just three companies; Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce have a Black or Latino on their Board. There are just 36 women among the 189 total board members of the 20 companies surveyed. This data reveals a bold and audacious pattern of exclusion.

“Rainbow PUSH has successfully PUSHed the technology to reveal their workforce diversity and inclusion data. The data documents the virtual exclusion of Blacks and Latinos from the industry in both tech and non-tech jobs.  This dearth of diversity is replicated on the corporate boards of directors.  It’s time for a change.  Technology companies must transform themselves from the corporate boards to the workforce, to mirror the communities and customers it relies upon for its growth and success.”

Strengthen your finances: Start Budgeting for Emergencies Now PDF Print E-mail

By Kiesha Easley

Saving money for an emergency fund is not a foreign concept to most people.  I knew that it was something I needed get my personal finances in order, but the part I struggled with was actually saving the money.

After all, every time I got paid, after paying all of the bills, I barely had anything left to buy food and gas, let alone, save for some far off (or not so far) emergency.  I was barely making ends meet, there wasn’t anything left to save.

When emergencies hit, they always threw us into a mad scramble – and it seemed like they always hit us when we were already down.  All it took was one thing to go wrong and next thing we knew, everything was out of whack.  Disconnection notices would pile up.  Every day we had to pray that when we flipped the light switch, it would still work.  Can you relate to this?