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Written by Staff Writer   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:17

With all the trouble with black youth in our country, we have managed to find a bright light and a glimmer of hope for change. We introduce to you Zahyrei Addison a.k.a. (stage name) Kevlar. This is his story. He is a 13-year-old hip hop artist out of Columbia, S.C. Hip hop must be in his blood. He has been fine tuning his skills for the past 4 years. In February of 2012, he entered the studio to record for the first time in his early career to record his first single Kevlar. This song was used as a tester to see if he had the skills that would open doors to further his career. The song was reviewed and liked by several S.C. music icons, but he would need more work to reach his full potential. By early March, Kevlar would return to the studio to record a remix to Tygas’ Rack City, titled Swag City, of which the video was dropped on Youtube,com that to date has close to 1000 hits.

After that song debuted, a few opportunities became available for Kevlar to perform live. He appeared at MLK Park for the St. Patrick’s celebration and he appeared at Skateland USA. After performing live, his camp would get a career changing phone call that opened the door for Kevlar to record with legendary producer Adrian Porter of the AP Factor. Porter is the music director for Lil’ Wayne and he has also produced Mindless Behavior. After spending 15 hours in the studio in Atlanta, GA, Kevlar emerged as a new artist, recording his newest single Gimmie Dat produced by the AP Factor. While in the studio with Porter, Kevlar was told by his mentor, "In this hip hop game right now, it is Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons and you. You just need to keep working as hard as you can to reach super star status."

From that point, Kevlar would return home to fine tune his skills and work on other songs with the living legend D.J. Prince Ice. The foundation has been laid and a path has been cut. Now it is in Kevlar’s hand to continue to grow and learn what he has to do to become a superstar in hip hop. The last hip hop icon his age was Little Bow Wow. When you see him, he is clean cut, his pants are pulled up (not down to his knees), and he is always respectful and well mannered. Kevlar has a great foundation and huge family following. In his life are both parents, a younger brother, two sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles and a host of cousins and fans. We as a city and state need to rally behind this future star and support this positive movement! His lyrics are always clean and he is a game changer, writing music that kids of all ages can listen to without parents worrying about the content. Kevlar says, "I want to make clean, uncensored music that people of all ages can purchase and love, All clean, All the time." While currently working on his album, Kevlar is including a song called Make Noiz, It will be the theme song for a non profit organization that focuses on character building for kids and also speaks against bullying. Check them out at Kevlar’s first album is expected to drop in the Spring of 2013.