National Crackdown aims to Protect Public from Drunk Driving

BirchAlthough African Americans Are Only 13 Percent Of the Population

They Represent 47.1 Percent Of All Drunk Driving Fatalities

Alcohol-related traffic deaths are higher than at any time since 1997. Every community is at risk when it comes to drunk driving and underage drinking. African Americans are one of the highest risk population groups for drunk driving and underage drinking at 47.1 percent, following Native Americans and Hispanics at 73.2 percent and 59.7 percent respectively.

“Drunk driving does not discriminate and too many families of all cultures are devastated each year by this preventable crime. However, the devastation within the African American community is disproportionately high,” said MADD National President Glynn Birch. “MADD is committed to reaching out to diverse communities to prevent the tragic consequences of drunk driving and underage drinking.”

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