Richland One Adult Ed Student wins National Award

At the of age 64, Richland One Adult Education student Sophia House is a soft-spoken, sacrificial mother of six who has faced and overcome many obstacles: a stroke which damaged the left side of her brain; dropping out of middle school at the age of 13 to help her mother support and raise her six siblings; working many different jobs so that all of her siblings, as well as all of her children, could get a college education.

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This Week in History

November 4th: It’s Do or Die

Never before has so much been at stake in an American presidential election. The unspeakable betrayal and deception that has been our reality for the past seven and a half years has brought us to the brink of ruin – socially, financially and spiritually.

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The Implications of the Prison Industrial Complex on Black America: Part III

Part III: Mo’ Prisons, Mo’ Problems and the Creation of a Permanent Underclass

As we have seen, the expansion of the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration began during a period of mass unrest, urban rebellion, and Black political challenges to the status-quo. The masses of disgruntled poor Blacks who might appear on the front lines of protests and demands for equality were gradually being steered into prisons at higher and higher numbers peaking during the 1990’s and pushing the number of imprisoned into the stratosphere.

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Bulldogs experience nightmarish defeat in Game 4 versus Tigers

CLEMSON – If the South Carolina State Bulldogs dreamed of beating or at the very least competing against the Clemson Tigers, they never woke up to realize that vision of something desirable.

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Struggling Gamecocks overcome game effort of Terriers

COLUMBIA – After playing an up tempo, intense game against Southeastern Conference (SEC) foe Georgia, in what ended up as a losing effort on Sept. 20, in the capital city of the Palmetto State, South Carolina, by the thinking of a lot of people was supposed to have an easier time of it versus 1-AA opponent Wofford Saturday night (9/20), at Williams-Brice Stadium.

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Preach Download – This is Hip Hop

Preach Review – Jazmine Sullivan

Rogers Editorial Cartoon

The Politics of Teenage Pregnancy

Much has been said about 17 year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the so-called "right" decision she made to choose parenting over abortion. But we should remember that what is the right decision for Bristol may not be the right decision for all young women with an unplanned pregnancy.

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