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Seating Presidents, setting precedence

The remark, "If not now then when, If not us then who," originally related to Robert Kennedy’s rhetorical question turned motivational factor, when he posed it to his reluctant elder brother in an effort to aid in his decision to seek the seat of this nation’s highest office.

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AILEY II Dance Company comes to the Koger Center

Columbia, SC – Mary Skinner Jones was looking for just the right group to launch The Renaissance Foundation’s arts-in-education Edu-History Program. But she didn’t hold out much hope that her first choice would be the group that she landed. "With the Alvin Ailey program, availability is always an issue because they are in such high demand," says Skinner-Jones, the Foundation’s executive director. "But we held on to this date for almost a year and it paid off!" Rusty Sox, Senior Manager, South Carolina Arts Commission, "Ailey II is one of the most renowned dance companies in the country, and it’s always cause for celebration for when they come to South Carolina."

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Premature demise of LSU Tigers prove to be greatly exaggerated

COLUMBIA – The premature demise of Louisiana State University (LSU) prior to its recent visit to the capital city of the Palmetto State proved to be greatly exaggerated following its 24-17 knockout of South Carolina Saturday night (Oct. 18).

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Panthers apparently re-discover toughness in decisive win over Saints

CHARLOTTE – After falling flat on their faces opposite National Football Conference (NFC) rival Tampa Bay, in the Sunshine State recently, Carolina apparently re-discovered its toughness in another NFC South Division game this past weekend.

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Preach – Movie Review: W.

Preach – Independent Spotlight

Rogers Editorial Cartoon

Colin Powell’s GOP Payback

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama was a mere formality. Powell pretty much hinted that Obama would get the nod from him when he repeatedly dropped glowing and admiring words about Obama over the past few months. Powell’s stated motive for breaking with GOP ranks and endorsing Obama is by now standard stuff. He’ll put a fresh, new, or as Powell called it "transformational" face on America’s much bruised and maligned foreign policy.

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Merit is More than Numbers

Most people think of affirmative action in the context of access to education. Whether we call it affirmative action or diversity, there is a widely shared belief that any process that considers race or gender in evaluating an application for admission is unfair. Actually, the reverse is true.

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