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2010 Black Expo: A Perfect Combination

The 13th Annual Columbia Black Expo, held at the Colonial Life Arena, proved to be one of the best events this spring, and the best expo ever. Thomas Media, who hosted the event, found the perfect balance of information, business-promotion, youthful energy, talent, and celebrity. Like any good media/marketing firm, Thomas Media knew exactly who their audience was and gave everyone what they wanted.

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Joe Brown: Still Working for the Community

Columbia, SC – If former state Representative and educator Joe Brown wanted to rest on his laurels nobody would begrudge him the pleasure. After being ousted from his South Carolina House Seat representing District 73 in Richland County in 2007, many thought Brown would ease into a life of retirement after 23 years of political service. Brown left politics but he didn’t stop helping people.

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The War on Our Children

Sadly, we now add the name of Aiyana Stanley-Jones to the list of Black children who lost their lives for no reason than being present. Detroit police killed the 7-year-old girl when they stormed her home looking for a murder suspect. While the details that led up to the incident are sketchy, we do know that little Aiyana was struck in the neck and head by police fire. This little girl’s death has triggered outrage in the Motor City, and it should. The city’s mayor, Dave Bing, must make certain that there is a thorough investigation into this incident, hold responsible parties accountable for their role in this shooting, and change police procedures to prevent such a tragedy from occurring in the future.

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Boycott BP

Why? Because BP must pay.

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Parenting Solo – Wake Up!

My daughter’s freshman year in high school was a tough year for both of us. She struggled with homework, hormones and fitting in. I struggled with the laws in this state making assault a crime. “You see your honor,” I could tell the judge, “I had to take the frying pan to the back of her head so I could unstop her ears and she could hear what I was saying!” I could lay out that argument before a jury of my peers – frazzled single parents of teenagers – and they would gladly pop a Xanax and acquit me. This is the first year that my child and I were totally out of sync and no information seemed to transfer from my head to hers. Every morsel of knowledge I laid at her feet was kicked down the street like an old tin can.

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Blair Underwood Answers Why Black Men Don’t Like Tyler Perry

On Tuesday, Blair Underwood held a book signing at the Books-A-Million at the Village of Sandhills. A book signing? Since when did he become a writer? I must admit that this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone who did not write a book go on a book signing tour… except for ‘authors’ like Steve Harvey and NeNe Leaks who used ghost writers. That’s pretty common place. But this?

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The Legacy of Denmark Vesey

In 1781, Vesey was purchased by Captain Joseph Vesey from the then-Danish Caribbean island of St. Thomas. He labored briefly in French Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti), and then was settled in Charleston, South Carolina as a youth, where Joseph Vesey kept him as a domestic slave. On November 9, 1799, Denmark Vesey won $1500 in a city lottery. He bought his own freedom and began working as a carpenter. Although briefly a Presbyterian, Vesey co-founded a branch of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816. The church was temporarily shut down by white authorities in 1818 and again in 1820.

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