This Week in History

Columbia’s 16th Annual Blues Festival coming to MLK Park

The Holmes Brothers will be performing at 6:45 Saturday evening.

It’s that glorious time of year again when the oppressive heat of the summer looks like it’s finally gone and we can once again celebrate the outdoors. And we have a perfect way to celebrate this weekend. Columbia’s 16th Annual Blues Festival will be returning to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park in Five Points on October 1 & 2. This is the first year the festival has expanded to two days, doubling your chance to hear some incredible music and enjoy some fellowship in one of Columbia’s most accessible parks.

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I. D. Newman Church celebrates beginning of new Facility

L to R: Senator John Scott, Pastor Joe Wilson and Representative Joe McEachen. Photo by Karen Alexander.

I. D. Newman church recently celebrated groundbreaking for a new Fellowship/Community Service Facility. The new facility will be a new and exciting resource for community and spiritual enrichment. It will contain approximately 2800 square feet of space that will be available for community outreach activities, after-school tutoring, mentoring, character building, and worship activities.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

Why Bishop Long’s wife shouldn’t ‘stand by her man’

There she stood right beside her man: an attractive, God fearing and loyal middle aged woman holding the hand of her fallen pastor husband. He walked her out ever so gently–held her close, and kissed her lips for all to see as he ushered her back to her seat on stage, before he took to the lectern to speak to his flock.

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Young, Gifted and Poor

The 2009 poverty numbers were released last week, and things are a lot worse than many economists thought they would be. The poverty rate jumped up a full percentage point, from 13.2 to 14.3 percent. This means that one in seven Americans live in poverty, 4 million more than a year ago. This is the third year the level of poverty and the number of poor Americans has risen.

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Unearth: a celebration of naturally inspired art

Artist/actor Bruce Ingram. Photo by Ralph Parish/The Augusta Chronicle

Columbia, SC – unearth, a celebration of naturally inspired art will be held at Saluda Shoals Park from September 30 to October 3, 2010. This annual celebration of the arts showcases visual and performing arts in an outdoor setting. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in art, nature, and the creative process. This unique multi-day art extravaganza includes: an amateur photography contest; demonstrations and instruction by artists; a variety of musical and dance performances and an outdoor production of William Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona by the SC Shakespeare Company.

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Parenting Solo: I’m that kind of Mom

A former coworker of mine, known for waxing nostalgic about his childhood on the farm, told me the best “tough love” story about his Dad. He said his Dad was not much of a talker but when he did speak everyone did an E.F Hutton. My coworker was giving a comic account of dabbling in pot when he was in his early twenties and how – of course – he got caught. When he used his one phone call to tell his Dad it was all a misunderstanding he was sure he would be home for dinner. “I said to my Dad ‘They need you to bring the bail money or I will have to do THIRTY days’” he recalled. He said his Dad was silent for a minute or two and then said “Um, well son, if I were you I’d go ahead and do those thirty days” and hung up. “He told me once when I was younger that he didn’t have any bail money for me, choose that road and I was on my own” said my coworker. “Trust me; I’ve never seen the inside of a jail cell again”. I realized just the other day; I’m that kind of Mom.

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A Note For Those Considering Suicide

So, you wanna kill yourself, huh. What… things are not going right for you? Are you just realizing that you are not perfect? That you are fallible like the rest of us? I can understand the darkness of life that may cause you to want to end it all. But to actually put a gun to your head and pull the trigger; to stand on a chair with a telephone cord around your neck; to stick a knife in your stomach… now you’re going too damn far!

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After week’s layoff, SCSU Bulldogs set to clash against FAMU Rattlers

TALLHASSEE, Fla. – After a week’s layoff, South Carolina State (SCSU) swings back into interscholastic competition, on the gridiron, when it clashes with Florida A&M (FAMU) this Sat. (Oct.2) here in the capital city of the Sunshine State.

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