Urban League’s Christmas Feeding Campaign: Honoring Beatrice McKnight

Although Beatrice Taylor McKnight won’t be around to lead the Columbia Urban League’s food campaign that feeds 350 elderly families for Christmas—staff and volunteers have vowed to carry out her legacy in a special way.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

Is Obama’s tax deal the lesser of two evils?

President Obama has reached a compromise with Republicans in Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans for two years, in exchange for a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits. The question is whether Obama’s deal on taxes is the lesser of two evils, and whether this will be a good thing for black America.

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Has ‘Head Start’ helped advance black education?

Head Start. You can’t talk about early childhood education without mentioning the iconic government program designed to give disadvantaged preschoolers, well, a head start. But for many of us, we never think about the program until Congress, or more specifically political conservatives, threaten to either cut or eliminate the program. But what exactly is Head Start? Who created it and has it been an effective early education program for African-Americans?

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Parenting Solo: Helicopter Parents

I came to church and was immediately offended. Our assistant pastor, who is a certified sweetie pie, was talking about parenting. Since I am a 15 year veteran, I focused intently to see if he needed the benefit of any of my expert advice. He states that my generation can be described as helicopter parents. This term that refers to overbearing, overprotective, overly involved parents rang in my daughter’s ears. She jabbed her finger into arm chanting “That’s you, that’s you!” What?!?

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Are Today’s Hispanics Yesterday’s Negroes?

Picture this. An old yellow school bus has been painted white and trimmed in blue. The name ‘Big Ben’ has been painted on the side of the cab in cursive. Perhaps not the most uncommon site. But what about this? The entire top of the bus has been removed, with the exception of the windshield and cab. Indeed an interesting sight.

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Gamecocks get much-needed win opposite arch-rival Clemson Tigers

USC guard, Bruce Ellington lead the gamecocks to a 64-60 win over Clemson at the Colonial life Arena.

Although pushed to the very end, South Carolina nonetheless got a much-needed win over arch-rival Clemson, in basketball competition Sun. (Dec. 5).

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AU Tigers’ one-sided win in SEC title game proves USC Gamecocks were not good enough!

Auburn quarterback, Cam Newton lead the War Eagles to a 56-17 win over USC.

ATLANTA – Several weeks ago, I asked the following question: Are the South Carolina (USC) Gamecocks good enough to close out the 2010 season with Southeastern Conference (SEC) champions on their resume?

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This Week in History

Local Civil Rights Icon Beatrice McKnight passes

Beatrice Taylor McKnight is an example of one who devoted much of her life to civil rights activism and organizing and improving race relations in her home community. James T. McLawhorn, President and CEO of the Columbia Urban League, described her as “A stalwart in Columbia and South Carolina who resonated and epitomized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.”

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