This Week in History

Driving out the darkness: The dream not yet realized

This coming weekend, we pause to celebrate the life of an extraordinary visionary who was prematurely taken from the world by an assassin’s bullet. The world Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left behind was in turmoil, full of vitriol and hatred, a country divided by the inferior logic of racism. Forty three years later, we find ourselves in much of the same situation as we are haunted by the latest murderous rampage in Tucson that left six dead and others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) fighting for their lives.

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Local Historic Treasure to Receive Rehabilitation

Columbia, SC – One of the Columbia’s significant historical treasures will receive much-needed rehabilitation this spring. Historic Columbia Foundation recently received a $150,000 matching grant for the dependency building of the Modjeska Monteith Simkins House, located at 2025 Marion Street. This exciting project will be funded through a Save America’s Treasures grant, administered through the National Park Service, as well as support from the City of Columbia and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

The Wrath of Fools: An Open Letter to the Far Right

Palin’s Facebook map featuring 20 gun sights, one for each of the Democrats targeted this year. Palin’s rhetoric is decidedly militant. “We’ll aim for these races and many others. This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington. Please go to and join me in the fight.”

To: Palin-lovers, Fox “News,” the “mainstream” media, and the Far Right, et al.

Re: The blood on your hands

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Tucson tragedy is an old lesson for new generation

That April day 43 years ago is eternally burned in my memory. As I walked through the front door of my house my mother was screaming, “He’s dead, he’s dead, they’ve killed him!” I didn’t know who the “he” was that she writhed in agony over or the “they” who killed him. But I quickly found out that he was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Review: Epiphany Jazz Café & Lounge

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon Epiphany Jazz Café & Lounge on Decker Blvd. And at that moment, I had an epiphany. I realized that there is a whole ‘nother cool, clandestine society in Columbia that I didn’t know anything about. Imagine that… something going on that That Teowonna doesn’t know about? I must be slipping!

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Parenting Solo: Choosing Solo

Tick tock. Tick tock. You hear your biological clock echo in your ear. But you look at your left hand and there is no ring on it. Your womb is aching from emptiness and time may be running out – so what do you do? Do you wait behind the picket fence for Mr. Right or do you plunge into parenthood all by yourself. This scenario is a nightmare for so many women. I read an article recently by broadcast journalist Jacque Reid that took an inside look at this very personal topic through the eyes of one mother who went solo on purpose.

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Fishburne’s ‘Thurgood’ Set To Debut On HBO During Black History Month

‘Thurgood,’ the one-man Broadway play starring Laurence Fishburne in his Tony-nominated performance as Thurgood Marshall, the remarkable Civil Rights lawyer and Supreme Court Justice, will debut Feb.24 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT during Black History Month, exclusively on HBO.

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Tougher AU Tigers fulfill pre-game thought of coach with hardfought win over OU Ducks

Auburn’s Cam Newton

Prior to leading No.1 ranked Auburn (AU) in battle versus No.2 Oregon (OU) Mon. night (Jan.10), in Glendale, Ariz., Coach Gene Chizik concluded his pre-game interview by saying: “If we play like we did all season long, we’ll be alright in this game (tonight).”

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