This Week in History

Reclaiming King: Restoring Holiday’s Meaning

As we approach the coming national holiday celebrating the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., , my thoughts return to the efforts over two decades ago to secure the honor for the slain civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Immediately after Dr. King’s assassination, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan introduced legislation calling for Congress to establish King’s birthday as a national holiday. Lending support in a significant way was legendary recording artist Stevie Wonder. The world-renowned entertainer penned “Happy Birthday” on his Hotter than July album as a signature song for the campaign to create the King national holiday. I vividly remember standing on the frozen streets of the nation’s capital on a blustery and snowy winter day during a march Wonder led in support of the Conyers legislation.

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Urgent Care facility coming to Columbia

Columbia, SC – Doctors Express, the first ever national urgent care franchise, has awarded a territory to a local businesswoman who plans to revolutionize medical care in the Columbia area with a new concept in healthcare. Dawn Richardson, with more than 15 years experience in healthcare management, was awarded the exclusive rights to the Doctors Express center in Columbia, along with her business partner, Dr. Lori Lord. The team plans to establish a high quality walk-in medical center that is comfortable and convenient for patients.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

Let’s Not Give Haley Barbour Too Much Praise

Haley Barbour, Mississippi’s governor, wants everyone to believe he is the good guy in the case of two black women who have spent nearly 20 years in prison because of an $11 robbery that they may not have even committed.

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Which Constitution?

The incoming Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner (R-OH) seems to pride himself in his fealty to the United States Constitution, so much so that he plans to have the constitution read from the floor of Congress before he takes office. I am sure that Mr. Boehner thinks he is adhering to a sacred tradition in reading the Constitution, and I am curious to know which version of the Constitution will be read. Mr. Boehner, for example, could not dare read Article 1, section 2 of the original constitution, which defines those bound for service as three fifths of all other persons. All these folks who so love the Constitution seem to ignore the fact that it had to be amended, by the 14th Amendment, to acknowledge to humanity and rights of at least 12 percent of our nation’s population. So before Congressman Boehner gets all weepy about the Constitution, he ought to be clear about the inequality its original version reflects.

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Parenting Solo: I Am Willing

As I dragged myself by my mother’s home to scoop up my child, my Mom essentially told me to put it in park and sit down. “What would you do if I were dead?” she asked. “What?” I responded with a frown, since her death is not a subject I like to dwell on. “You hardly ever come straight home after work” she fussed, “what would you do if I were not here to look after your daughter?”

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Gamecocks exhibit better play in 2nd Georgia Dome showing; but still fail in challenge versus Seminoles

USC star running back Marcus Lattimore.

ATLANTA – Hoping to perform better in its second big stage showing last December at the Georgia Dome, South Carolina (USC) made an improved effort to do so.

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Panthers end dismal season as Coach John Fox, organization part ways

ATLANTA – A promising season that went awry in a hurry for Carolina mercifully ended here Sun. (Jan. 2) opposite Atlanta.

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