Columbia Urban League’s Youth Development Academy

Regina McQueen, a pharmacist manager at Rite Aid Pharmacy in Columbia, recently spoke to participants in the Columbia Urban League’s Summer Youth Development Academy (YDA). Ms. McQueen discussed pharmacy as a career and emphasized the importance of Math and Science in preparing one for higher paying careers.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

Jackson Blasts Obama For Not Supporting Black Voters

In a recent interview with the German publication Der Spiegel, Jesse Jackson outlined his severe disappointment with President Obama’s service to the African-American community. Noting that black Americans were among his first supporters and that 96% of us voted for him in 2008, Jackson slammed the president for completely failing to address our political needs. He called Obama on his naivete in dealing with the Republican party, which has been ruthless in cutting programs benefiting working Americans while deflecting tax increases for the rich. From black unemployment to our deeper mortgage crisis, the president has failed — according to Jackson — to implement a single plan to ameliorate the black community’s troubles. Meanwhile, billions of dollars are being pumped into foreign nations like Afghanistan and Iraq to support democracy. What about the lack of fair opportunity here at home for African-Americans?

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S&P Downgrade is the Beginning of the End

When S&P downgraded the US bond rating from AAA to AA+, they formalized the financial buzz of months, if not years. The US is going to hell in a hand basket, replicating the denouement of England in the mid-twentieth century. Our tax structure, which rewards the rich and punishes the middle class, looks like something from a developing country, and our economic distribution is going to look like that soon, as well. While many are disappointed and outraged that the flawed S&P felt they could involve themselves in the internal meat grinder of US politics by demanding a certain level of spending cuts, the bottom line is that our politicians were willing to take us to the brink on the debt ceiling, and this brinkmanship does not bode well for fiscal stability.

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Restaurant Review: Debby’s Cafe & Catering

Debby Jean Leisck (the owner of Debby’s Café & Catering) is a case study in contradictions. First of all, her name is Debby Jean, which is unmistakably Southern; yet she is from Buffalo, New York. Secondly, she is white, but cooks with all the soul of Big Mama. See what I mean by contradictions?

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Parenting Solo: A Story of Hope

I am not part of the YouTube generation. I know it’s supposed to be great, because people can post anything, but if you ask me that is exactly what is wrong with it. Well today YouTube redeemed itself with a post by a 16 year old boy I have come to know very well.

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Confident, not cocky SCSU Bulldogs preparing to make good on another preseason top honor

Dominique Ellis

ORANGEBURG – After winning back-to-back Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) football championships in 2008 and 2009 and sharing a third one on the heels of the 2010 season; and heading into the 2011 campaign as the preseason favorite to win yet another conference title, a lot of people might think the current South Carolina State (SCSU) grid players are a cocky group less than a month away from their season opener on the road at Central Michigan.

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This Week in History

Civil Rights Luminary Judge Matthew J. Perry, Jr.

There are teachers among men, some unassuming, some heralded. We remember them with a sense of fond recognition. Then there are the class of people we refer to as luminaries. Brilliant, radiant people who illuminate the path so that others may find their way to their own wisdom and inspiration – mentors that leave indelible marks on our humanity. Such was US District Court Judge Matthew Perry. Just days shy of his 90th year on Earth, Judge Perry was called home.

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Tom Joyner Back to School and Career Job Fair

The big day for thousands of Columbia residents is almost here. It’s the fourth annual Tom Joyner Back to School and Career Job Fair. On Friday August 5, 2011 KISS 103.1 FM welcomes families to the Cantey Building at the State Fair Grounds. This free event has become the premiere Back to School event in the state – drawing thousands of parents and students from across the Midlands.

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