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Canzater Memorial Classic wins Charles Bundy Award

L to R: Duane Parrish, Director of SC PRT; Edith Canzater, widow of Rudolph Canzater; Emily Clyburn, wife of Congressman Clyburn; Janice Marshall, Exec. Director of the James E. Clyburn Research and Scholarship Foundation; Mary Shriner, Exec. Director of Santee Cooper Counties Promotions Commission; and Jodi Gallman, Canzater Classic Volunteer.

The Rudolph Canzater Memorial Classic is the recipient of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism’s 2012 Charles A. Bundy Award for contributions to rural tourism. The James E. Clyburn Research and Scholarship Foundation hosts the annual Canzater Classic the first weekend in August in Santee, South Carolina. The event has contributed over $2 million in college aid to more than 1,000 students during its 21-year history.

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Lexington Medical Center Announces Opening of Sandhills Women’s Care

Dr. Crystal Johnson

West Columbia, S.C. – Lexington Medical Center is pleased to announce the opening of Sandhills Women’s Care, a new physician practice that’s part of the hospital’s network of care. Douglas Addy, MD, Thomas Austin, MD, and Crystal Johnson, MD, will practice at Sandhills Women’s Care in two locations in Northeast Columbia and West Columbia.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

False Prophets

“Islam sees him as a son of Islam … I can’t say categorically that (the president is not Muslim) because Islam has gotten a free pass under Obama.” – Rev. Franklin Graham


Those words, and others, were spoken by Rev. Franklin Graham on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe” last week. Graham, the son of famed evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, has repeatedly questioned President Obama’s faith and had been highly critical of the nation’s first Black president. Yes, this is about race, party and faith; the simple fact that Graham reserves no such judgment for Republicans Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, and has publicly stated that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith does not concern him makes it so.


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GOP’s New Ploy: Obama Disses White Workers

The new ploy among ultra-conservatives, right wing talk show jocks, on their websites, and blogs is to claim that President Obama has written off white workers in his re-election bid. This notion has even crept into a few mainstream news outlets that’ve done a spate of stories on Obama’s supposed snub of white workers. Obama, as this line goes, is pandering to Hispanics, Gays, environmentalists, women, and left liberals with his push for comprehensive immigration reform, his inch toward open defense of gay marriage, the scrapping of the Keystone XL Pipe line, his picking a fight with the Catholic Church over contraceptives and abortion, and his relentless drive to tax the rich.

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I’m expecting

Consider this a birth announcement. Yes ladies and gentlemen – I am expecting. What is that look of shock on your face? Oh you thought I meant I’m preg….. as in a baby- NO WAY!!! I just mean I am expecting a better life for me and my child (you know the only child I have – the one with no siblings).

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Does Social Media Contribute to Suicide?

SC lobbyist and businessman Tom Sponseller is dead. His family reported him missing on Feb. 18 after he didn’t come home from work. Right around that time, news also broke that Sponseller’s business, South Carolina Hospitality Association, was under financial investigation. And 10 days later, Sponseller was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound. What a shame. What a shame that Sponseller couldn’t live down his mistakes.

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NBA showcases typical high flying exhibition; West Stars win second straight game

Blake Griffin played well and helped lead the West to a 152-149 victory over the East.

ORLANDO – In typical fashion, the National Basketball Association (NBA) showcased its annual mid-season act recently, for its fans and casual observers within the public.

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Volunteers, with stronger inside play, in second half, send Gamecocks down to 18th defeat

After tight play over the first 20 minutes of action in a Southeastern Conference (SEC) matchup Sat. night (Feb. 25), Tennessee and host South Carolina retired at intermission with the visiting Volunteers, from Rocky Top, nursing a scant two point (34-32) lead.

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