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Missing black voters forfeit elections

L to R: Bishop Shirley Raiford, Tim Pearson and Virginia Sanders man the South Carolina Progressive Network’s Missing Voter Booth at the 2012 Jubilee Festival.

Imagine how different South Carolina would be today if another 15% of registered black voters had bothered to vote in 2010. It’s really not an impossible dream.

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Wesley United to get well deserved reinforcement

Columbia, S.C. – The Richland County Conservation Commission and National Trust for Historic Preservation awarded preservation planning grants to Wesley United Methodist Church to hire Chao and Associates, Professional Engineers, to design stabilization repairs for the Church Sanctuary floor. The structural back of the Sanctuary, the wood frame structure, is termite eaten and fractured. With these grants, the Wesley United Methodist Church will continue to feed the homeless and host worshipers, community gatherings, and the Bethlehem Center, which offers alcohol and chemical dependency counseling, support for battered women, and a grandparent support network.

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Rogers Editorial Cartoon

The Plus in Romney’s 0% Black Vote Support

The recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll registered what had to be a first ever for any candidate in any presidential election in modern times. The poll put GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s share of the black vote at zero percent. At first glance that seems about right. Romney and his VP running mate Paul Ryan have singlehandedly done what few GOP presidential tickets have done and that’s actively alienate black voters. Their plans to hack up Medicare, and Medicaid, downsize Social Security, gut the threadbare corporate and financial regulations, environmental protections, and their full throated assault on abortion rights will wreak untold misery among African-Americans.

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Artur Davis Speaking to the RNC? Republican, Please!

Republican, please!

Well, Artur Davis is sure making the most of his recent transformation from Democrat to Republican. He’s secured a high-profile gig speaking at the Republican National Convention today. And he dutifully made the rounds of right-wing talk television recently, claiming that Vice President Joe Biden was engaging in “racial viciousness” when he contrasted Romney’s promise to unchain Wall Street with policies that would put real people back in chains. Mr. Davis was deeply, deeply offended on behalf of the African American people.

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New Film Profiles Famed SC Activist and Educator Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

In a new film biography of South Carolinian Dr. Benjamin Mays, Andrew Young says it this way: “If there hadn’t been a Benjamin Mays, there wouldn’t have been a Martin Luther King, Jr.” The legacy of this South Carolina native is explored in the new film Born to Rebel, Driven to Excel from South Carolina ETV, premiering in special screenings and on television in September.

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A Mother’s Terror – Revisited

More than a year ago I wrote an article about the fear, dread and anxiety I think every mother feels when she reads a story like the one about Gabbiee Swainson. Gabbiee is the missing Columbia teen whose story has made national headlines and personal nightmares.

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Woody well aware of challenge to lead BC program to next level, at outset of first full season

James Woody tends to be the eternal optimist. However, he’s also apparently a realist.

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SC State – Georgia State set for second face-off ever in matchup at Georgia Dome

ATLANTA – Now just hours away from leading his 11th South Carolina State team into an opening game, Buddy Pough earlier in the week came into his initial press conference, on the S.C. State campus, upbeat but not totally confident.

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