Revisionists love to re-tell the South’s story

On a windy afternoon a few days ago I went to a depressed section of North Memphis to visit an old clapboard house that was once owned by a German immigrant named Jacob Burkle. Oral history—and oral history is all anyone has in this case since no written documents survive—holds that Burkle used his house as a stop on the underground railroad for escaped slaves in the decade before the Civil War. The house is now a small museum called Slave Haven. It has artifacts such as leg irons, iron collars and broadsheets advertising the sale of men, women and children. In the gray floor of the porch there is a trapdoor that leads to a long crawl space and a jagged hole in a brick cellar wall where fugitives could have pushed themselves down into the basement. Escaped slaves were purportedly guided by Burkle at night down a tunnel or trench toward the nearby Mississippi River and turned over to sympathetic river traders who took them north to Cairo, Ill., and on to freedom in Canada.

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SCAAHC Seeks Nominations for “Preserving Our Places in History” Awards

The South Carolina African American Heritage Commission is seeking nominations for its “Preserving Our Places in History” awards. The mission of the SCAAHC is to identify and promote the preservation of historic sites, structures, buildings and culture of the African American experience in South Carolina and to assist and enhance the efforts of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

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For female troops it’s no longer ‘a man’s world’

This is a man’s world.

James Brown, the undisputed Godfather of Soul, first laid those words down on wax in 1966. In the 46 years since, as a nation, we’ve made great strides toward greater gender equality. The winds of change continue to swirl through Fortune 500 boardrooms and other quarters traditionally reserved for men. Our collective power is felt from Wall Street to Main Street, from your statehouse to the White House.

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Another Side of the Debate on Affirmative Action

On October 10, 2012, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, a lawsuit about the constitutionality of the affirmative action programs in which colleges and universities consider the race of applicants in an effort to maintain diversity.

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Obama’s powerful embrace of Hillary Clinton

President Obama enthusiastically praised and championed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a joint interview Sunday night, sending what amounted to direct signals to his supporters that he would be pleased if she were his successor and that his supporters should forget any lingering tension from the hard-fought 2008 campaign, as the president himself has.


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Parenting Solo: Michelle’s Law

Pop quiz. Is Murphy’s Law good or bad? You know the old adage that says “If anything can go wrong, it will”. If you said bad, congrats! You are with the 99% of the population familiar with the saying who doesn’t know the real story. Welcome to my side of the street.

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The Huffster: The Many Facets of Super Bowl 47

There are many reasons each year to get excited for the biggest football game of them all, The Super Bowl, and each one has its unique storylines. This year is no different. There is the brother vs. brother story, the win-one for -the retiring-guy angle, the young qb making his name angle, the veteran qb becoming elite angle, etc. Yes, Super Bowl 47 has its share of intriguing components. Let’s take a closer look at some of these facets that add to the interests of America’s most-watched game for this season.

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Gamecocks outlast Razorbacks; rack up 18th win in 21 tilts

Dawn Staley has her South Carolina Gamecocks off and running well, after 21 games into the current season.

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Kobe, Lakers trying hard to be better as season moves into its stretch run

Just beyond the midway point in the ongoing 2012-2013 season, which was as of this past Mon.(Jan.28),the perennially championship caliber team owned a 19-28 mark and was mired in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference, Pacific Division, 12 1/2 games out of first place.

But with recent back-to-back wins versus the Utah Jazz and the Northwest Division leading Oklahoma City Thunder, many people are of the mindset that Kobe Bryant and company might be truly jumpstarting a season that has been all but a complete disaster.

However, even with he and mates struggling to try to get it right, Captain Bryant hardly believes that the remaining slate to be dealt with is a wash within stagnant water.

“What we’re trying to do now is figure out the things that work better for us as a team–both offensively and defensively,” said the Lakers 17-year veteran, on the heels of LA’s 105-96 win over Oklahoma City Sun.(1/27), at Staples Center.

“We did some good things on both ends of the court in beating a very good Oklahoma City team but we still have a lot of work to do. It’s up to us to work harder and improve ourselves and build our confidence as we go forward. That’s definitely the key to really turning our season around.”

Made up of some new faces and personalities, including center Dwight Howard and point guard Steve Nash, the Lakers of today were touted as a very promising group at the outset of the current campaign.

Yet, as the ‘12-’13 schedule moves into its stretch run, outside observers and many Laker supporters, as well, aren’t quite convinced that the real team is finally beginning to stand up.

Nonetheless, with a real chance to validate a yet solid resolve, the Lakers need to go forward with the thought that their best show is yet to come.

Mike D’Antoni apparently is encouraged by the Lakers most recent attempt to exhibit quality game-to-game performances.

“If we can just keep doing the things that are going to work (well)for us; we have a chance to be a really good team,” said the LA coach minutes after the triumph over the Thunder.

“Nothing is going to be easy for us; not at all. But we’re encouraged by our play in the last two ballgames.”



Widely regarded as one of the premier teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for quite a long time, the 16-time NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers are currently going through some very unfamiliar times.


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