The high cost of the GOP’s hatred of Obama

Everyone knows what this shutdown is about. Rep. James E. Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat, said that the budget fights on the Hill are about undercutting President Obama and his presidency, not his landmark health care law.

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Fleming Bruce to present at The Sustainers Conference

The Sustainers: Builders and Preservers of Civil Rights Sites in the United States Conference will take place on October 23-24, 2013 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Activists from across the state to retreat at historic Penn Center

Maybe the only thing better than seeing historic Penn Center as a tourist is to experience it as a grassroots activist, in the true spirit of the place. You can do that at the Network’s fall retreat Oct. 19-20.

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Bulldogs prove what wary NCA&T Coach already knew, with win in 25th Atlanta Classic

ATLANTA – A short time before his North Carolina A&T (NCA&T) team lined up to compete opposite Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) rival South Carolina State (SCSU), Rod Broadway communicated to an Atlanta area reporter that he knew what squad his players would soon be up against.

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GOP Exposed with Shutdown

Watching the proceedings in the House and Senate chambers tonight brought me back to the mid-1970’s and Watergate. I was in middle school when President Nixon first trampled the Constitution for personal gain and political power, and by the time I was in high school he was making that awkward salute as he boarded Marine One on the south lawn of the White House after resigning in disgrace. My thought then, as is my thought tonight, is how can anyone intelligent enough to reach the highest level of public service in America be so stupid?

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The GOP’s Debt Ceiling War is Not about Debt but About Obama

In September, the National Review Online made public the blueprint of the House GOPs war plan to stonewall the debt ceiling raise. The plan of attack included many of the same demands the GOP has repeatedly made to stall, eliminate, or delay every program and initiative President Obama has put forth. The GOP’s price for approving the debt ceiling increase is for Obama to agree to cut, cut, and cut some more spending on virtually everything from Head Start to food nutrition programs that directly aid the poor and low income workers. The issue of whether America can pay its bills or not, or reneges on its financial obligations, which would be the catastrophe that results from failing to raise the ceiling, is secondary to the GOP’s cynical political ploy. Despite the GOP’s pious declarations that the debt ceiling battle is solely about fiscal responsibility and reining in America’s debt, it’s not.

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Cola-Con is back with The Foreign Exchange & Dead Prez!

Cola-Con is the only hip-hop and comic book convention in America. Part festival, part “con,” this family-friendly, two-day confluence of hip-hop and alternative culture features live concerts by top national hip-hop artists, as well as comics vendors from as far as New York, Chicago and Minneapolis.

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Defying the Quiet: Photography of the Civil Rights Movement in South Carolina

October 4, 2013 – January 17, 2014
McKissick Museum
2nd floor, South Gallery

This exhibit will highlight the many civil rights campaigns across the state of South Carolina during the early 1960s, giving voice to many of the students who participated in them. Exploring the movement through photographs by Cecil Williams, David Wallace and the staff photographers of the State Newspaper, the show will set these against moving images of protests, marches, and bombings, as well as documented interviews of those South Carolina students who organized, gathered and stood up against segregation and racial discrimination.

Five-Day All Black Classical Musicians Festival

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra Spiritual Ensemble, in association with Buster-Elsie Productions, is pleased to announce the Colour of Music Festival, October 23-27, 2013, a five-day all-black classical musicians festival featuring black musicians, vocalists, and orchestra leaders performing piano, organ, and voice recitals, chamber ensembles and orchestra and a newly formed Colour of Music Chorale. Over twenty performances will showcase the breadth and influence of blacks on the classical music world past and present.

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