Author Seeks to Keep Romance and Love Alive

Brenda Jackson believes in relationships. She believes in love. That’s why she has written more than 80 true romance novels. What’s a true romance novel? Jackson defines her true romance novels as a love story between two people (and only two people) that always has a happy ending. Is there sex? You bet there is. Hot and steamy, but never raunchy and never with multiple partners.

Some readers tell Jackson that type of story just is not realistic; she disagrees. And she has the 39-year marriage to prove it. “True romance novels may not reflect my readers’ actual lives, they still believe in true love and enjoy reading about it,” she says.

Not only does Jackson believe in the true love of a man and a woman, she believes in powerful relationships with real people. Long before email and newsletters made it easy, Jackson communicated in an open and welcoming manner with her readers. Every letter that was written, got a reply… and not from a secretary, from her own hand.

Jackson, a NY Times and USA Today best selling author, so believes in having a true relationship with her readers that she often schedules cruises for her readers, where they have an up close and personal conversations and book discussions.

Jackson’s latest novel, A Silken Thread, is already being touted as the best ‘single title book’ she’s ever written. What’s a single title book? It has all the love and romance of a romance novel, but with more drama and multiple storylines.

On March 1, Jackson will be signing A Silken Thread at Books A Million on 164 Forum Drive in Columbia. She invites all true romance readers, drama lovers, and book club members out for an interactive book signing. She says, “I don’t just sign books, I interact with my readers; I encourage relationships.”

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What: Brenda Jackson booksigning

Where: Books A Million 164 Forum Drive

When: March 1, 2011

Time: 6:30 pm until the last book is signed and question answered