Black News’ Columnist Takes to the Airwaves

Recently, the Parenting Solo column celebrated its first birthday. On Mother’s Day, the weekly column gave birth to a weekly television segment. Saturday mornings at 5:30 on WACH Fox 57, column author and segment host Michelle Harris introduces viewers to topics and guests that highlight the joys and the travails of the solo parent. For a few moments each week, topics including money, love, discipline and health from a parents perspective.


This week is a candid conversation with clinical community social worker Judith Croker-Billingsley about helping our children recognize and move beyond destructive and sometimes violent relationships. Crocker-Billingsley gives guidance and insight she receives in her work with the family courts and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Harris began writing the column as a way to sort through the many issues she faced as a newly divorced single mother. Her teenage daughter, Melanie, inspires weekly reflections on the mountain and valleys every parent experiences.

But Harris says that Parenting Solo is more than a column. “It is really a safe haven for parents to openly discuss issues without fear of judgment and rancor.” Harris was moved to create this sanctuary when she read too many stories of mothers killing themselves or their kids when their cries for help went unanswered. “So many parents think they are alone when nothing could be further from the truth,” says Harris.

With the one year anniversary behind her, Harris sees a bright future for what she calls the Parenting Solo movement. “With the expansion into television, Parenting Solo can achieve its ultimate goal of bringing parents and children closer together – in a healthier and happier place” says Harris.