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National Urban League Way to Well Health Tour Coming to Columbia, SC!

For a seventh consecutive year, National Urban League and Walgreens are partnering for the Way to Well Tour to provide free health screenings to Columbia residents. The national tour will provide free health resources to residents in urban and minority communities who experience disproportionately higher rates of preventable disease. The service is free and insurance will not be billed.

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March 11 – March 18, 2013


Hugo Chavez’s lessons for Africa


President’s Weekly Address: End the Sequester to Keep Growing the Economy

African Americans icons talk about the past and future at local college

Slain 6-Month-Old: Her Dad Was the Target


SCAAHC celebrates 20 years of promoting, preserving history

SC House rejects Medicaid expansion


Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me – Walter Fields


Can the Blues Rescue the Mississippi Delta?

Drum and Dance classes

Halloween, Its Origins and Customs

Benedict College Gospel Choir Wins Top Award

Columbia, SC – For the second consecutive year, the Award-Winning Benedict College Gospel Choir (BCGC), under the direction of Mr. Darryl Izzard, won the top award at the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation’s Annual Black College Choir Competition. The Gospel Choir Competition was held on Sunday, September 27, 2009 in Lithonia, GA.

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Mattel offers new line of ethnic Barbie

As a child, Barbie was the fantasy version of how I envisioned my grown-up, glamorous life: closets full of gorgeous dresses and sparkling jewels, my choice of high-powered careers, and without question, fabulous hair. My dolls shared the names of soap opera characters, such as "Dominique" for Diahann Carroll’s iconic Dynasty diva. I used real shampoo and conditioner on their hair. When Barbie needed pampering, she visited the "spa." (Unfortunately, I was only able to stage a single Spa Day due to a misguided decision to use the microwave for the sauna. Long story.)

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James Jamerson: The Greatest Bass Player that ever lived

Most often, many gifted people are recognized first far beyond their homes. Some are only appreciated after they are dead and the scope of their work and contributions are realized. South Carolina native James Jamerson is one of those people. Ask the average person on the street who were the Funk Brothers and they’ll give you a puzzled look. But ask him or her to hum the music of their favorite Motown tune and they know every note and part.

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