Creflo Dollar Supports Bishop Eddie Long, What a Disgrace

This week, Pastor Creflo Dollar went out of his way to stand up for an “anonymous” friend and “brother in the Lord” whose members are leaving his church in droves because he made a mistake. He argued that those who judge the pastor harshly are being self-righteous and judgmental and that they should stand behind this pastor during his time of difficulty.

Many believe that Pastor Dollar was speaking about Bishop Eddie Long.

“I don’t know what it is with the church. When you have a wreck you expect for God to forgive you and everyone else. Don’t let the preacher have a wreck now,” Dollar said. “Then you become self-righteous and you become judgmental and you’re gonna leave the preacher for his wreck when you done had more wrecks. That preacher’s still anointed to do what he was called to do. He just had a wreck. The blood will take care of his issue just like it will take care of yours.”

Pastor Dollar then went out of his way to make it clear that members from his friend’s church are not welcome to join the church headed by him, the World Changers Church International:

“If you’re from that church … and you trying to join here, I don’t want you to join here,” Dollar said. “You need to go and join where you supposed to be. I don’t want you here. That is my friend, that is my brother in the Lord.”

In many ways, it is a good thing that Pastor Dollar went out of his way to defend Bishop Eddie Long (if that was indeed who he was referring to). While his defense of a man whom many believe coerced young boys in to sex is repulsive, the fact that he spoke up on the issue should make it abundantly clear to his parishioners that this pastor will allow money and power to taint his vision of any action, even if it stands against everything good Christians believe to be true.

Pastor Dollar didn’t question the fact that Bishop Eddie Long settled the case for $25 million. He didn’t note the fact that Bishop Eddie Long first stated that the truth would eventually come out and contradicted his remarks by settling the case behind closed doors. He simply stood by his friend without considering the trauma that was likely inflicted on those young men placed in the care of Bishop Eddie Long.

Situations like these serve to undermine the reputation of the Southern Baptist minister, presenting him as an alligator-shoe-wearing, fast-talking, pin-stripped-suit-sporting, money-hungry buffoon who takes advantage of black America’s addiction to pastoral charisma. There can be a thin line between a pimp and a pastor, and many of our so-called spiritual leaders spend their time multi-tasking between the two professions

Members of Pastor Dollar’s congregation should wonder how a man like this could lead you in to heaven.