Double Dutch Forces compete and sweep in World Competition in Sumter

On Thursday, June 13, the Double Dutch Forces of Martin Luther King Jr. Park and City of Columbia Parks and Recreation journeyed to Sumter, SC to participate in the 40th Annual World Double Dutch Invitational Competition.   The Forces entered a total of 15 teams in the qualifying round held on Friday.   Of the 15 teams entered, nine advanced to the Championship Round held on Saturday at the Sumter County Exhibition Center.

After competing against some very skilled and talented teams from as close as Florence and as far away as Japan, the Double Dutch Forces won 3 First Place titles, 3 Second Place titles, 1 Fourth Place and 1 Fifth Place World Championship titles.  In addition, they were recognized for the highest overall scores in the Free Style catagory.   Coach Joy Holman was recognized for over 20 years of dedicated service by the American Double Dutch League.

The next big event for the Forces will be their Annual Double Dutch Camp scheduled for the last two weeks in July.  The Camp is opened to girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 15.  The camp focuses on teaching the participants to jump in two ropes turned in an eggbeater fashion.  Double Dutch helps coordination and promotes team building skills.   The Camp runs the weeks of July 22nd and July 29th.  The cost is $45.00 per week.  The hours are 7 am -6 pm Monday – Friday.  Contact Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park located at 2300 Greene St. by calling (803) 733-8452 to register.