Editor’s Note: Deliberate and Thoughtful Consumerism

Money is power. There is no getting around it. Money power is the dominant force in most democracies — particularly the United States.

Few of us have money power in the political sense. We don’t have the kind of money it takes to buy Senators with campaign contributions, or threaten city councils with closing plants or withholding investments. Nor can we finance or control major media outlets.

As citizens, on average, we might vote once every 4 years. But as consumers, we vote every single day with the purest form of power… money. Our patronage is our voice. It is a conscious decision every time we pull out our wallet, check book or debit card. We decide who and where we give our money in exchange for services or goods.

The spirit of conscientious consumerism is a major tenet in the endeavors at SC Black News. We seek to embrace historical contexts, encourage others to patronize sound corporate citizens and to pay homage to the generations who have gone before.

This past month, SC Black News was mentioned in a local story that went viral. We had no prior knowledge that our publication would be linked with such dubious spending practices or beliefs. The individual highlighted in the story is no longer affiliated with our publication and we sincerely apologize to our readership for any confusion.