History’s most notorious racists venerated for all to see

    It was customary for pharaohs coming into power to order that all portraits and mentions of any rival predecessor be erased or destroyed. This would cleanse the land, as they believed if a person’s name or likeness existed somewhere, that person could influence matters of the world from the afterlife.

    Today, we are not as esoteric in our practices, but routinely commission sculptures and monoliths to immortalize people or events we deem worthy of homage and for future generations to ponder.

    Our dark history has been revised and romanticized to such a degree that we are in denial as to slav

    The South Carolina statehouse and its grounds Birthday. [South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control]HIV/AIDS Disproportionately Affects Blacks. Seventy-five percent of newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases are African Americans. Eight out of ten women diagnosed with HIV are African American. [South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control]Minority Women Are More Likely To Die Of Breast, Cervical Cancer. Minority women are more likely to die of breast cancer, and African American women are more than twice as likely to die of cervical cancer. [South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control]Diabetes, Heart Disin Columbia are wrought with statues and memorials many could argue are tributes to slavery and the architects and champions of white supremacy. Sadly, children visit and play in the shadows of these monuments every day and are taught to revere these important men and their ideals that shaped their state.

    The Confederate flag flew under the US and state flags atop the capital dome after being placed there in charge in South Carolina, regardless of the civil rights movement. Amid national and world scrutiny, the flag was reluctantly removed from the dome in the summer of 2000, only to be placed directly in front of the North entrance facing Main Street.

    Benjamin Ryan Tillman was born near Trenton, South Carolina in 1847. He left school in 1864 to join the Army of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, but was 1963 by white politicians wishing to send a message. They wanted the public to know who’s

ery’s indelible influence on our lives. Economic and judicial disparities are rampant. Physically, South Carolina remains very much segregated, with communities divided as distinctly as squares on a checker board. Socially, people cross the color line only at necessary, dictated intersections. Friendships rarely transcend past work hours.