I’m expecting

Consider this a birth announcement. Yes ladies and gentlemen – I am expecting. What is that look of shock on your face? Oh you thought I meant I’m preg….. as in a baby- NO WAY!!! I just mean I am expecting a better life for me and my child (you know the only child I have – the one with no siblings).

After a recent sermon at church, it became clear to me that I have been impregnated with a dream. In about seven months I have been chosen to give birth to a movement called Parenting Solo. Ah to be a mother again. But before that happens let me tell you who the father is.

Expectation gave me the big belly (well that and double cheese burgers) but this one is a good bulge. This year I have been determined to live on purpose and with purpose. Now, I’ve never been one for the New Age, Deepak Chopra stuff. So I was glad to find some science behind the law of attraction. The rule of the universe that says you attract the same energy that you give off. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive.

That explains a lot. It explains why people who have just met feel like they have known each other forever. It explains why some people seem to have a dark cloud hanging over their heads. It explains why a predator always seems to find a victim.

Spend ten minutes around a teenager and the subject of attitude is bound to come up. Apparently science is showing that an attitude is actually energy. It is something that can be transferred. That can be something good or something that can really frighten you.

Recent brain imaging studies show that more than just attitudes can be affected by negativity. Actions can also be influenced by something called “mirror neurons”. This phenomenon basically states that the neurons in the brain will cause subjects to do exactly what they observe another subject doing (e.g. waving or smiling). It was first discovered in monkeys but it was eventually found to be true for humans as well. *Random thought* this has to be where the term monkey see monkey do comes from.

Back to the story. We may be more emotionally connected to other people than we realize. Just being around someone who is experiencing a negative emotion – like fear or anxiety- can cause that emotion to transfer to us. This is why parents are right to police who their children hang around. So next time your kids want to protest your intrusion just look them in the eye and say “Mirror neurons “. That’ll show them how much you care.

In the meantime we must practice positivity if that’s what we want to attract. Pray, use affirmations, read scripture – whatever will help you tune into an optimistic frequency. And trust me I understand how challenging that can be with so much negativity available to listen too.

I have known physically beautiful people who brought a dark cloud into a room when they entered. And soon the storm brewing inside of them was raining inside everyone they came in contact with. I have never wanted that to be me.

The thing that I love about incubating the Parenting Solo movement is that I get to experience the hope I want other parents to feel. The acceptance and understanding that are central themes in this movement must start inside of me.

In recent years I have challenged my complaining spirit. I have declared war on the spirit of fear that rears its ugly head from time to time. When God planted the seed of Parenting Solo inside me I knew I had to get rid of anything that could harm the baby. Just like expectant mothers should not drink or smoke – I knew I could not doubt or fear. I need to deliver a healthy baby. My due date is October 19 and 20, 2012 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Come help me welcome the newest addition to the family.