Mayor Benjamin to hold 2011 Mentoring Summit

COLUMBIA, SC – Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin announced that the first annual 2011 Mentoring Summit will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 11am to 2pm at C.A. Johnson High School (2219 Barhamville Road).

The summit will encourage local residents to become mentors for Columbia’s youth demonstrating to our young people how important they are to the city at large and giving them the unique opportunity to interact with government officials, business professionals and other influential community leaders.

“Our youth need positive mentors encouraging them to adapt, overcome and succeed,” Mayor Benjamin said. “Our young people need to know that all of Columbia will stand with them and support them as they strive to reach their potential.”

WIS news anchor Judi Gaston and comedian Akintunde Warlock will host the event. Mayor Benjamin will also address the participants.

We are proud to announce that many mentoring organizations have already committed to this great cause and will be participating including: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, Columbia SC Cares, Blaze Mentoring, the B.Wright Project, Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, Boy Scouts of America, Brotherhood Ministry, Tyjaskey, Inc., Generation Now, and many more.

“Our youth need to know how important their success is to the future of our city,” Mayor Benjamin said. “Please join our movement to help them get there by becoming a committed mentor.”

Those that would like to take part in the summit (or are interested in benefiting from mentoring) can register until March 1, 2011 by emailing