Resilient Mavericks underscore importance of team while winning first ever NBA title

As the final minutes of consensus favorite Miami’s bid for a championship, led by the Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, faded into a first in history NBA title for Dallas, the results once again underscored why team is so important in certain sports.

Down 2-1 to the James, Wade and Bosh-led Heat three games into the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, the Mavericks from Big D, with team-oriented clutch fourth period play, reeled off three straight wins, including the decisive 105-95 victory in South Florida Sun. night (June 12), to squash the preseason plans of James and company while capturing a world’s crown that eluded them in 2006, when the Wade-led Heat prevailed 4-2.

Although showing early signs of finishing on top, the James, Wade and Bosh-led Heat, during moments of truth times of the just concluded Finals, were handicapped by an early regular season problem of not being able to close a team out.

And this early campaign downer was never more evident than it was in the flame-out of the Heat in Game 4.

Having built a 15 point lead heading into the last half of the fourth period (in Game 4), the Heat, bothered by sub-par shooting and a Mavs team that apparently didn’t entertain the word quit, went on to lose the contest 86-83.

Such a strategic come-back performance was the turning point in a winner-take-all series that subsequently catapulted the Mavericks to a position they had never reached in their 31-year existence in the NBA.

n the all important deciding sixth game Jason Terry led the Mavs, with his 27 point contribution. He was followed in scoring by Dirk Nowitzki, who although handicapped by a bad shooting night, managed to total 21 points, during a series wherein he averaged 26 points per game and was named Most Valuable Player (MVP). J.J. Barea tossed in 15 and Shawn Marion added 12.

Jason Kidd, who at 38 was one of the oldest players to start in a Finals, tallied nine points, including a late game clutch three-point basket.

In the elimination loss, the Big 3 combined for 45 points. James led the way with 21.

Without the luxury of multiple-talented players, the resilient Mavs, with apparent emphasis on five rather than three, overcame many odds en route to winning it all, including a before season prognostication that didn’t feature them as the team to end up at the top of the pack in 2011.

However, approximately seven months after the first tip-off last Nov., the Dallas Mavericks do indeed reign as champions of the National Basketball Association.

And to be sure, after a competitive Finals that showcased the gritty resolve of the Mavericks, their first ever NBA title is a deserving accomplishment for them as a team.