Seed Show offers forum for Progressive Issues

Columbia, SC – Once again, the Seeds of Peace and Justice are in the air. Tom Turnipseed has resumed his role as Columbia’s most outspoken and progressive talk jock on WOIC 1230 AM, the local Air America affiliate. The Seed Show is broadcast live every weekday morning from 8 to 9:00 am and can be heard via the internet by visiting

Joining long time attorney, writer and civil rights activist Turnipseed is Rev. Neal Jones and Michael Berg. The show presents analysis of the news, environmental and conservation issues and entertainment (including live music every Friday). Regular features include a daily roundup of the sports world with Joe Rhett, insightful economic analysis from Jack Thomson, commentary on local issues from the Columbia Star’s Temple Ligon. Black News managing editor Wendy Brinker sits in regularly to give a report on Black News in addition to her weekly commentary on our spiritual heritage in The Garden Universe. Every day brings a new guest on the Seed Show, including prominent leaders from the state, national and global levels including authors of interesting and timely books, political and governmental officials, and public policy analysts.

Turnipseed has hosted 4 radio shows and a television show on WIS-TV in the past. He is a plaintiff’s and civil rights attorney and former President of the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association. A former State Senator, Tom has traveled the country to speak on political and human rights. He has written extensively on these issues and his work has been published in The New York Times, the Washington Post and many newspapers in South Carolina and around the world. He has also appeared on many national news and talk television shows. Tom’s work is regularly published on Common Dreams News Center, Counterpunch, Z-Net and Outlook India.

Rev. Neal Jones is the pastor at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbia. Before becoming a full time minister, he was the clinical psychologist for the Pastoral Counseling Center of Palmetto Health.

Michael Berg is the former director of the Carolina Peace Resource Center and recently returned from serving his country in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.

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