Violence in and around some sporting events continues to plague our society

Violence in and around some sporting events continues to be a nuisance that plagues our society.

Consequently, in this modern 21st century world, we are still highly bothered by idiosyncrasies of a lawless, unruly percent of our people who are seemingly hell-bent on sustaining chaos among us.

Such downright senseless action of some competitors and a few fans came out in the open in at least two major sporting events that took place recently in the Republic of China and in San Francisco, Calif., respectfully.

In the Far East, violence raised its ugly head when the men’s basketball team of Georgetown University and its foes from China allowed its hoops action to break out into a free-for-all fight late in the game hosted by China.

Very undisciplined at its height, the spontaneous brawl was contained on the floor of the arena in China but stood as a major threat to non-participating players and spectators alike.

Calling the incident a very unnecessary part of civil competition, John Thompson III decried its happening.

“This was a very unfortunate thing that took place in a game that simply got out of hand (late),” said Thompson III.

“Hopefully, in the future, we can continue playing without having players resort to actions that are certainly not a part of and not good for this well-respected game.”

As it relates to the annoyance in the Bay Area of the Golden State, at least two separate fights broke out in the stands and elsewhere during a recent preseason National Football League (NFL) game matching the San Francisco 49ers opposite their rival, the Oakland Raiders.

Major to these lack of self-control happenings was a situation where shots were fired and at least two individuals were wounded and hospitalized.

In one of the by chance situations an individual was shot three times and was reportedly in danger of losing his life. However, the quick response of a person around the scene of the man gunned down alerted emergency medical personnel who subsequently saved his life.

Speaking shortly after his son’s condition had stabilized, the father of the victim pleaded with people to “just think before causing hurt or worse to family members.”

Added the dad of the man riddled with bullets to the stomach shot, “Don’t put anyone else through what we just went through.”

In conjunction to the appeal of the aforementioned parent, we in society who disapprove such uncivilized action, likened to the recent happenings in China and northern California, should actualize our disdain to such senseless ways of settling differences.

And to be sure, if we just reach and teach one, the misguided persons in our society, by simply displaying basic self control first, will likely become less noticeable in our world, in an appropriate amount of time.